Nursery Design
for the Modern,

Mama, it’s time to put your feet up.


With so much to do to get ready for your little one’s debut, making decisions can quickly add up at a time when everyone is telling you, “But you need to relax!” 

With The Suite Pea’s help, you can relax with peace of mind knowing you will bring your baby home to a beautiful, safe and finished nursery, without having to lift a finger. We zero in on choices that work for your space, taste and budget while saving you precious time, energy and money.

 We know you want everything to be perfect, and that’s what we’re here for. Let’s take the overwhelm out of creating your nursery or child’s room on your own, and put the fun and enjoyment back in.

Treat yourself to something suite.

Pick Your Perfect Package

The Luxury Suite

our comprehensive package

We manage the entire project from initial concept to set up and a swoon-worthy reveal.

The Master Suite

our premium package

Sprinkled with the perks of a traditional
design experience.

The E-Suite

our virtual package

A convenient, tech-savvy approach. Implement the design at your own pace.

The Upgrade

our evolution package

Ready to transition your Nursery to a Big Kid’s room,
or just need a design refresh?

From One Mother

To Another

At The Suite Pea, we believe Happy Moms = Happy Families. Our mission is to make your journey more fun and carefree, while taking some of the pressure (and tasks!) off your growing to-do list as you prepare for this exciting new chapter.

say “bye-bye!” to

Option overwhelm, hours wasted searching for the perfect piece

Confusion trying to figure out how everything will work together

Worrying about how you will get everything done in time

say “hello!” to

More time to focus on your health and wellness

More clarity on your goals for your space

More fun making the important decisions, leaving the busy work behind

More opportunities to connect with your partner before baby arrives