Hello, Mama!

I’m so thrilled you’re here. In the high likelihood that you’re pregnant while reading this, congrats are in order!

Why don’t we get acquainted?

I’m a proud New Yorker, Mom to twin boys Aiden and Duke (I know, gasp!), and design enthusiast.

As a new mother, I reflected on just how much women take on during this particular life stage, and how much planning and time goes into preparing for every aspect of your little one’s (or multiple’s!) arrival. I wanted to contribute to an expectant mother’s journey in a helpful and positive way, to “lighten the load” and spread the message that it’s okay to treat yourself to something that will make your life a little easier, and a little more luxurious. And so, it had to be done.

The Suite Pea was born! Naturally, we think she’s beautiful. But we’re biased, of course!

With over a decade of experience in the design world, ranging from high-end jewelry to textiles to event planning, I’ve developed a keen understanding of how color, fabric, scale and a thoughtful layout work together to create balance, comfort and beauty. I believe our surroundings have the power to lift us up, make us feel more at ease and prepared to deal with life’s everyday challenges. Particularly when caring for a newborn, this is more important than ever.

You’re already carrying the most important bundle of all, let us do some of the heavy lifting!

With Love,

Chanel Horowitz, Founder