Nursery Design Trends We Love for 2022

Wow, it’s hard to believe 2022 is around the corner! 

With the new year fast approaching, it seemed timely to round up the trends we can look forward to seeing in nurseries and children’s spaces.  While there’s always a few tried and true ideas that make their way onto the list, it’s inspiring to see how traditional motifs and themes are re-interpreted to feel fresh and new.  

Up High & Down Low

Look no further than your outside environment for inspiration. Next year, we’re bringing the outdoors in. 

Celestial Inspired: Sky & Stars

Who says it can’t be all Rainbows & Sunshine?

A Sensory Experience

A large part of baby’s development relies on stimulating all of the senses. Your little one’s room is a perfect place to start! 

Ceiling Wallpaper

This is definitely a favorite of ours. Ceilings are often overlooked, but they’re a great way to add a pop of color or pattern, as well as an element of surprise. Especially for little babes who spend so much time on their backs, having something fun and interesting to gaze up at will be a deep source of visual stimulation. Not to mention, it may make diaper changes a little easier!

Color Theory

In keeping with the nature trend, the spotlight for 2022 is on the color Green. Depending on the shade, color psychology tells us that Green can evoke different emotions. While Sage, Olive or Mint tend to illicit feelings of serenity, safety, and balance, brighter shades like Emerald or Apple can bring about feelings of invigoration, new beginnings, freshness and creativity. Green also holds great power in international cultures, signifying respect in Islam, and eternal life in Japan.

And if you consider yourself a bit of a “color commitment phobe”, please don’t fret! You don’t have to be tied to one shade in a space. Layering different shades of the same color adds depth, and each shade can be considered depending on the particular “zone” (AKA area of function) of the space. Reserving calming or more muted shades for the sleeping area will likely serve baby best, while brighter shades through artwork by the changing area or play area will be more energizing.

Disney, Disney, Disney

The ultimate classic, timeless characters such as Pooh Bear, Mickey Mouse & Friends and Star Wars are here to stay. While we love the idea of character decor, we have a general rule of not over-doing it. Just a few nods here and there is all it takes to make the theme come across in a tasteful way. We recommend choosing 3 to 4 elements in which to incorporate the theme, ranging from wallpaper, artwork, bedding, lighting or small decorative accessories. Capping the amount here also allows for more flexibility in the future as your child develops new interests. 

Let Your Boho Flag Fly

From pom poms to fringes to macrame, bohemian trims will be going strong into 2022.

The Spark Joy Mentality

I don’t know about you, but just watching and listening to Marie Kondo is a form of meditation for me. By now, most people are familiar with her approach to de-cluttering and making space only for the items that spark joy. The theory that every item should be thoughtfully considered before purchase, and extended gratitude before giving away, runs counter to our mile-a-minute, see now/buy now consumer culture. We do agree that a space really comes alive by taking the time to source these extra special items, and adds that personal touch that will make your nursery unlike anyone else’s. This fun trend will come in the form of different things to different families, and could be anything from a family heirloom, a custom mural, a special toy or lovey, a memento from your family’s favorite place, or any item that brings you and your little one joy. Because there’s only one of your sweet baby in this world, and their room should be no different! 

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