The Suite List: Ceiling Fixtures

There are a few items in a room which serve as anchor pieces, helping to tie a room together and create balance. One of those key pieces is a ceiling fixture. In some cases, a space doesn’t have the ability to install overhead lighting (NYC renters, I feel your pain!), but if you do have the ability to do so, it’s not an item that should be overlooked (wink, wink).

When decorating a nursery or child’s room, we look for pieces that strike the right balance between making a statement while not overpowering the space, especially because nurseries and children’s spaces tend to be on the smaller side.  

Here are a few of our favorite picks in this important category!
Piper Beaded Chandelier: The draping beads mixed with natural fiber trim and tassel creates the perfect balance of casual elegance.

Archer Chandelier: We love the asymmetry of this piece. It’s modern and edgy, but also sculptural. The golden bars look as if they’re floating. It also slightly reminds us of Pick Up Sticks!

Scalloped Cadiz Pendant: The combination of gold trim and scalloped edges gives this piece an extra special feminine touch. We also love the tiered structure, where each layer creates its own glow.

Orchid Chandelier: Who doesn’t love orchids? This is a piece that can stand the test of time, and grow with baby easily over the years. To personalize it a bit more, you can customize the shades on this piece, helping to bring in any accent colors.

Rattan Pendant: For a natural look, we love rattan. The shape of this pendant feels substantial enough to hold its own, even though the material is very light.

Magnolia Chandelier: Another sculptural piece, perfectly whimsical and appropriate for either a nursery or older child’s room. Because it’s white, it prevents the piece from overwhelming the space, and can be tied in with different color palettes.

Capiz Shell Floral Pendant: The Cadiz shell is a natural material commonly used in lighting. It has a pearlized look to it, which creates a warm glow. The undulating petals give a lot of depth to this piece which would look beautiful in a nursery, and mature enough for an older child’s room.

Rope Chandelier: Incorporating rope into this piece is a fun way to bring in some neutral texture without being kitschy.

Athena Chandelier: For an extra dose of glamour, this piece hits all the marks. The crystals “dripping” down reminds us of rain falling. We’re certain this is one piece that will get a lot of visual interest from baby!

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